10 Reasons to Join The Vine Legacy (TVL)

10. Less than 30% of Tennessee State University’s revenue comes from the state of Tennessee, making giving CRITICAL #LegacyGiving

9. Your alumni involvement is an investment in sustaining the future and legacy of Tennessee State University. #LegacyFamily

8. Tennessee State University is counting on Alpha Women to lead the way.

7. To fellowship and network among multi-generational Alpha Women with an affinity of Tennessee State University. #LegacyConnection

6. To be a resource and mentor to current students; increasing our retention and graduation rates. #LegacyOutreach

5. To help students make a successful transition from college to professional careers. #LegacyOutreach

4. Your alumni participation has a direct impact on generating major support from foundations and corporations.

3. Your donations will help students in need be successful in their educational endeavors.

2. YOUR choice to join will encourage others within our affinity to Think - Work and Serve.

1. Each year, a portion of your TVL dues will be transferred directly to the TSU Foundation, in your name, which increases the Tennessee State University Annual Giving Rate (AGR*).